San Pedrillo

San Pedrillo
Where is it ?

San Pedrillo Ranger Station is the northernmost park entrance to Corcovado. It si included in our packages. The San Pedrillo Station is located on the ocean, around 1 hour South by boat from Drake Bay. The boat tour gives you the chance to explore the coastline while traveling to the station.

How to get there ?

The only way to get there is by boat. Included in our packages, it takes around 1 hour by boat from Drake Bay or any of the lodges we serve in the region. There is no land connection to San Pedrillo. There is a coastal trail from Drake Bay, and it takes around 7 hours from Drake Bay to the station, however most people take the boat tour.

What to expect ?

San Pedrillo offers the visit several trails. The wildlife is good, including macaws, monkeys, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Some people get to see Ocelots and Pumas. The trail network give you a good insight of what Corcovado has to offer.