Sierpe Mangroves

The Sierpe - Terraba Mangroves create the largest tropical mangrove forest in Central America, extending for thousands of acres, between the Sierpe River Estuary and the Terraba River, two of the largest rivers in Costa Rica. The entire mangrove forest is crossed by a maze of natural canals, secret passages that are home to endangered and unique species of wildlife, like the Green Tree Boat, Bats, crabs, fish and several species of birds. The mangroves are explored when booking the Classic package, and the boat that departs from the Sierpe Village Pier crosses a large portion of this fantastic habitat until it reaches the ocean, 15 minutes before arriving to Drake Bay.

We can also book a Mangrove tour which explores the tropical mangrove labyrinth. The low moving river facilitates the exploration of this vast expand of endangered tropical vegetation. The tour departs daily with a minimum of 2 clients.